Maret 01, 2008

Want to book a hotel, Try This one!

Traveling is a human nature instinct from the prehistoric age, they book a cave. But now people book a hotel. Maybe I will write something in my head for one paragraph about the rise of hotel. First thing what would I do is balancing our perception about hotel. What is hotel really? Are we rent hotel just for nap or even more?

For answering that question maybe we must back to the past. Long time ago at the prehistorically age, people live not only on one spot. They nomad from one place to other place. Take a nap in the cave and book that cave by leave a scratch on the cave wall. This scratch maybe like a book number but encrypted well and have a high value of art. The food serve by nature, what they must do is only hunt for them. The water streaming on the river, what they must do is only place them in a pot. But nowadays people build house, with all the goods that they need and make them like a heaven. Maybe you have heard a phrase home sweet home nothing place is comfortable than our own house. That is right. So what would you do if you 1000 miles away from your house. I think you would search for a place substituted you house, even you will rent it. So there is a hotel, a place designed to make you comfortable and make you feel like in your own house.

Maybe in this time you have see lot of hotel, and the technology made this so easy. You can make a reservation in a hotel from the internet. Even you can save 70 % from this one. Because what you need is a hotel just like your home, choose the hotels, and see your budget. I can sure you there is lot of choice of hotel, resort, and other. And you know what other benefit, there already world wide.

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