Mei 04, 2008

Lamps, light of hope in the dark and light

lamps chandelier
Lamps is know from BC, even the shape not like a lamp nowadays and still using wood as the fuel. after that, lamps begin using fuel like candle and lantern and now in electricity introduced by Thomas Alfa Edison who invent the lamps until now.

Lately lamps not only used to illuminate but also have a decorate add on. The beauty of light color can be used for therapy to give a calm effect. Lamps and lamp shades also make other meaning for each type of personality. So be smart to choose a lamp and weight of the light.

I also want to give you some solution if you searching for lamps. Google seems so help and I point my choice for all kind of lamps like table lamps, desk lamps, etc in farreys. So here it is the site hope you’ll enjoy my choice. And happy lamping.

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