Juli 24, 2008

Five Strategy to have a succesful Trade Show

This is a tips that I have practiced, and now I will share it to you. about how to make your trade show to be a successful marketing and promotion.

1. The First step is known your field, where do the visitor comes. for every trade show usually there will be a proposal from the committee for placement what we have to do is ordering the best place near the entrance, it's about five steps. don't to close enough cause the visitor could miss your spot.

2. welcoming message start from the entrance door. to make a conditioning for the visitor. they will search for your spot. it's like a simple brochure or something like that.

3. make your Customer Services (CS) looks different. this is how you gonna attract more visitor at your spot.

4. Try to brainwashing the visitor about your product. there only two kinds of visitor at trade show. the cooperate and the buyer. now this two kind type also have a different brainwashing. I can sure my self that you already know much about your product.

5. Try to decorate your spot with a colorful color and an elegant design

for the fifth strategy is the biggest point. and you must give more pressure for that point. you will need trader show booths like table skirts, banner stands, pipe and drape etc.

I found a site maybe you can look at the site, they offering a nice deal and have all the stuff so why not you try it. camelback will help you much more from beginning the design and delivery. check it out.

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