Juli 07, 2008

Think to have a shredders

when i flow to the office there so many paper is build around the tables. I'm think where do they dump all old paper. some one tell me in the office they usually shred the paper with a shredders to erase the important file so another people can't read the file.

Are a shredders can't do that, shredders only cutting a paper than erasing the file. I prove with my own eyes and see if the cut paper from shredder already randomize it could have file erase to. I wonder if i could make a recycle paper from that waste paper. it could be nice.

for this one I think a company need to choose the right shredders so by seeing other people say about shredders. the first point why a company must see what other say, cause if you buy the right produst or right brand it would last longer and give a good shred to make a re-use paper.

how many company have a waste paper. so if we could recycle that it could save environment and could save a bit of money. but all the company i think not thinking about that. so the community or people society must involve some how. :D

I only know a bit about cycling mechanism, like reuse is using old stuff with another function, and recycling that nowadays is many people like to talk about. green technology. yeah I think shreadders will up on the win right now.

and hope that company will cooperate with local comunity.

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