Juli 03, 2008

What Do3s 4dvertis3 Sal3s?

an approach to advertising knowledge.

Advertising business grow following the Industry it self. No one knows when the business starts. However the trace began from the ancient Greek and then continues with more clear trace at 1836 when La Presse a newspaper from France accepted ad on their pages. But, beside the history the mind behind the advertising is more complex for me. This trace also say that ancient people had know about the art of advertise and how to attract people to buy or purchasing a brand.

People, me or even you is endless desire, always want something more-more. This is the fact and it used to controlling consumer mind. The problem is which consumer? So this is the job for advertising worker to find out and do a research, after that the company will command his marketing soldier to catch the consumer. One thing that should we remember is not every day people need our goods.

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