September 23, 2008

Intelegent Consumers know the right price

PANDI - maybe you ever heard about Intelligent Investor, a book that written by Benjamin Graham. In this post context maybe I will refer it to Intelligent Consumers, where the consumers can take the right decision to take the right goods.

So the idea is collect all the choice and compare, what you have to do is go to the market. but in online business where is the market, there exist thousand of store but they stands independently. I think this mens trainer is good yeah and it all united from 1000 stores. I found it on shop wiki when i first see the commerce its fun to pick the color at the top side it's fun, either what I do is only online eye shopping. but is fun. I also hold my spend out.. hope I can buy those piece of reebok.

Imagine if we spend out and we have seen the whole alternative, is like take a win from a contest. so try it. I bet you will buy one cause the price is good. be a Intelligent Consumers and gain your alternative goods in the right place.

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