Desember 18, 2008

Play Station 3 a black box for your pleasure.

PANDI - global crisis that being felt in all over the countries will not make our summer turn to a bored place. there always been a way to cheers up and make a party even not luxurious but who cares. party is a party what fill in it is only a joy.

when the cost for everything that entertain outside the house is expensive, for undefined time, many people hold them self on the living room and watching soap opera. but, this is the time for more adventure and you take the roll. I have read a book by hannah. human is Zoon politicon she said that. so game is one way where you can control all the thing with on joystick.

recently go to site "shopwiki" I think you already know what the meaning of wiki and try to search for the Play Station 3 that nowadays boom the market. after success with the play station 1 and play station 2 now sony boom with the 3 series. I like the new wireless called sixaxis controller the new version of play station 2 dual shock controller. this is the power of play station and hope you will enjoy you summer. cheers.

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