Maret 22, 2009

Crimson Skies on Xbox, beat that nefarious air pirates

PANDI - Feels so great after trying to play this game on xbox 360 wow fantastic. So if you have not played this game before. It’s called Crimson Skies. a games that made by Weismen and McCoy, and set to the past of 1930 when the air travel are the most popular transportation in North America; so the pirates blown up the skies and here we will get the action. This game can played for 1 to 12 people if you had link it up.

So I’ve playing it without the cheat and just fun. Yeah I’m not frustrated yet to play this game. Maybe when the game starting to frustrated, will make some googling thing to find out the cheat and finish it. But then when play with my friend this night is so cool what we do is only competing on the highest score.

So if you not having some xbox 360 console yet try find it on wiki shop for better price. Oh yeah. I found it out there many store on wiki with competitive price for xbox 360 games. Browsing on shopwiki made me hope I can buy a few xbox 360 accessories that fit and have a high quality with a lower price. Maybe must start to pond my money next month.

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