Februari 19, 2012

A better world without democracy!

old fashioned system is the jungle law or the law of the jungle with expression might make right and now they reinvented with the expression rich make right. they can buy power, they can buy your vote, they can buy your food and make you hungry and they also can play your money price in the stock.

so why we using democracy if they only an evolution from the law of the jungle. do we human are really can control our id (a term on psychoanalysis used by freud) or we are really still animal that move based on the basic of instinct without annoying other people life.

maybe it's right we can't control it and that's why the prophet came to thought us how to control our innate behavior and tell that heaven and hell is real as a conditioning.

Economy as the ground motif of all behavior?

I don't know if you all agreed with this. but as I see the we all move based on Economical motif since the money become a commodity. the rich preneur if they can, they will buy regulation to smooth their way to a better profit. even it's mean a war.

this article is in still under construction I'm need an opinion from you all my dear readers about this write and I'll update it.

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