Juli 10, 2008

Are you still searching?

So at the November I will run out the hosting this times my host for Pandi Nurdiansyah dot com still with Mr. Brokencode. So I still have three month from now to search new hosting.

What hosting do I need? Which one? I’m new in this world. But recently I found a Web Hosting pal. A site that collect and give a newbie, like me! The chances to figure out about web hosting company. All of plus and minus of the web host company is all there. No need to search to other web.

I had bookmark this site, and hope you can also found the benefit of this site. Wow I found one web hosting that have a promo free domain for life time. Even if this is so interesting I still have to maximize this host till the end. For a student like me that cost of money is too much. But I finally have a dream to buy a new host. Even I have to take a part time job. Still have a question? Why not you go and look the site with your own eyes if you don’t believe me. This is the address where I found the fantastic 10 web host company is displayed.

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