Juli 12, 2008

the Fixture fulfill my desire

Eye shopping before buy, try to compare the price or just having fun behind the display glass. I wonder if there a mall on the net. Where you can see without having to jump to other site, just to look the price different between the shops. The site is like wikipedia I think. But Wikipedia is all about article. It’s pretty cool if that a pure market where all of the online shop joined for satisfy the consumer.

But nowadays nothing is impossible. I think there is only the matter of time. Wait and see is the best answer. Walaa... I can’t guess it, when this site exist it call shopwiki.com. Maybe is too late to talk about this news, but all new to me, and the best thing this is my blog. So, I sure you can guess what I’m looking at this wiki shop dot com yeah I see for product design and a light and lamp. I don’t know why, interested on this one and for me the indoor light is more cozy than outdoor, the shape and the fixture is making me arouse and some how fulfill my desire.

If you want to see about the lamp too so get down on it in this page and start your first eye shopping so what it’s great cause they work like search engine crawling all the shop on the net and serve to the consumer to get the right price.

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