Agustus 03, 2008

Which Host company will you use?

PANDI - when internet become a need, many of hosting company start to show up. this situation make web hosting become compete, they play with price, or speed, or bandwidth quota. The service? still on the question quote. now what you need if so many choice? personally I will need a testimony from the other user that have tried that hosting or even test it. some hosting probably have a high price, they have a good service and have and optimum server (not down every week). but who knows there is another hosting have a cheaper price but the quality good as the same like the expensive host.

recently i know on site that full of web hosting article and tutorial, not only the article they also have rated the web host and for now inmotion host at their first chart. the web hosting article exist in this site not all of them is about using the host but also how to choose the web host company. beside web hosting article there also web hosting tutorials, this is a technically but after I read it is useful for a beginner to web host.

are you know the feeling when first time see the cpanel? is wacko and the scared feeling mixed with the curious feel, this is what happen to me, don't know what your feel. and from this is at last i know that I can have a business from my host with the affiliate link that exist on that hosting company. this is an open opportunity to got a free host. see it, and this site is listed on my recommendation.

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