Februari 07, 2009

tips to have a smooth dating relationship

PANDI -This is not a real life dating tips, but this is online dating tips. I guest you can practice it in the real life too. Yeah you are not always living in a wire. First, I want to tell you the different between the real life and the online. Online is where we will do an exchange for information, like photograph, age, sex, live, favorite sex position (perhaps). The real life is where we will do the practice. Maybe for a candle light dinner and little massage or even Jacuzzi bath. But as you know often the theory is not the simple with the practice, but also there is a practice that more simple than theory if we already know the field.

I got this tips from a site that focusing in Online Dating Tips and I think it would be nice if I share it to all of you. Many of my friends are desperate in this dating thing but, with this tips hope you all read it and add some tease technique. I like this tips called First Impressions, don’t talk to hard, use a soft topic that could make her/him laugh and always be honest. Don’t worry about what her/him opinion as long as you are honest and don’t forget your grammar.

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