Februari 22, 2010

pandi nurdiansyah dot com is hijacked

PANDI - So this is more clear after Brokencode had post a news bout what happen with my domain.. I think you know which one that I mean.. and is happen when I want to post my article on it, so what happen.. my blog turned to a parked site.. I think positive and wonder that Mr.Brokencode have a research on my blog.. and the last clue is revealed. that he is hijacked. remember guys do not visit my dot com domain again. :D

So, I check the who is domain and found a name of the registrar and fully remote the domain cause it has been registered from 2007. the name is Jason Falk. searching the name and seems he had a famous name on google..

so maybe the first thing that I would do is cutting up your visitor :D ... what next... uhm... still thinking on it.. but you will never expect what you will get on my domain jack :P

maybe you will find something mystically lol .. or dramatic tragedy (not like shakespeare).. but not tasty and not rated. :D

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