Agustus 06, 2008

Hallowen better start to think your costum from now

PANDI - We all know that Halloween is still long time ahead in 31 October annually. so the peak is the costume party. that is the main problem what costume that will you use at the costume party. maybe we talk about all-hallow-even (another word for Halloween).

The Halloween costumes is easy to find if we got the idea and things from now. So, why not you find out one idea now. still hard uh to find the fit one, now just for suggesting you. the Halloween is a full of history inside but now the trend is on the wind so why not you choose the trend Halloween costumes like starwars costumes or disney costumes. preety good if you shown up at the trick or treat as a mermaid. or the evil one the dark mimi. the starwars also have a pretty much character that you can use as a halloween costumes like dark vader, but I will love to find the Jedi costumes

So still hard to find one. I think you already have one so now what you should do is book or buy a halloween costumes enjoy the party at two month ahead

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