Oktober 10, 2008

Pay to Click sites Sucks?

PANDI - after post about pay to click and post how i wait to prove that ptc is not a scam until now i think are following a ptc program with the honest way is really sucks, even until now I'm not using an auto click. but this tend make my journey in ptc program more slow.

My friend said that a journey have a various flavor and each flavor we must taste it one by one. fortunately my friend said that so I'm still hold on in this suckness. after a long period I discover and notice why there is a lot of scam in PTC field. beside the ptc is simple and doesn't need any expert the ptc is often easy to join and also offer a lots of bucks.

the suckness still continues and my target still above the sky hope the target is not a hopeless target. hope some ones out there want to share the experience in ptc program with me.. give your opinion plz :)

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